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EURO ASIAN TV Management Team comprises of highly specialized professionals from the Media background   in Television Productions and Operations Filming, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, Studio Management and Internet/ Web  Streaming.

CEO of the EURO ASIAN TV  has over 20 years of experience in the field of Management of Media, particularly in TV production/Operations. All our Staff members are from the TV/Film media background. 

Ajay Makol ( CEO) of the Company has been Head of Production/Operation for ZEE TV in UK as well as Managing Channels such as Channel Punjab & Door Darshan ( National TV0 of India in UK/Europe. 

Its been a Vision of Ajay Makol to Manage a Channel, whereby most of its content should be Produced/Directed by Local Talent from UK/Europe. EURO ASIAN TV will be the Channel Uniting Communities from all across Indian Sub Continent living in UK/Europe

London2Bollywood is another company of Mr Ajay Makol, specially designed to train Local Asian People in the Media Sector ranging from Acting, Modelling and TV/Film Production.

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